As part of grâce à toi dress' mission to inspire self-care and comfort, regardless of the context, we proudly offer the Chakra Series! Chosen styles from our traditional collection are available in the Chakra Color Activation of your choice. How to choose? (Click images to learn more)

 1st Chakra: Root   2nd Chakra: Sacral  3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus  4th Chakra: Heart  5th Chakra: Throat  6th Chakra: Third Eye  7th Chakra: Crown

These colors are meant to encourage activation of each of the seven chakras. Each chakra connects with a different aspect of self and awareness culminating in the Crown chakra, which connects the whole self to the present: literally and spiritually. After all, aren't we all, just a drop of water in this vast ocean we call life?

Each dress comes with a vial of Chakra-Specific Essential Oil Blends from MedEssential Oils as well as a guided yoga series lead by incredible members of the Urban Exhale Yoga community! (Click images to access the Yoga Activation Series for each Chakra)