The grâce à toi dress Blog! First Entry.

We are the sum of all parts. How we choose to present ourselves tells the world how we wish to be perceived or understood. That's why grâce à toi dress matters. The dresses are American made with quality fabrics by people who sincerely love their craft. And we believe that, just as eating junk food will contribute to your body's health, at the cellular level, in a detrimental way compared to consuming super-healthy food, the content, the quality of what you choose to wear, contributes to your state of being. These dresses mean a lot to me, obviously, because I make them, but the intention behind each new fabric/color/print that debuts, on a monthly basis, is inspired by needs/conflicts/principles we encounter in life. The need to feel bold before a job interview (August 2016), the intention to gracefully inspire your employees (November 2016), the principle of celebration (December/January 2016 to 2017), next month's dresses, which will honor rebellion (February 2017), all serve as instant reminders.  As grâce à toi dress wearers, every time we catch ourselves in a mirror or store window or just look down, we remember the intention of the dress and walk with it. This blog is dedicated to exploring the various intentions/principles/needs/conflicts which inspire each dress each month through guest blogger's insights, photos, quotes, and videos. The title of the blog: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes", a quote from Marcel Proust, invites us to see the different monthly themes with "new eyes" so that we can all enjoy the "voyage of discovery" and perhaps let this new information we consume contribute, in the tiniest of ways, to our ever-changing state of being. Thanks for reading the blog, please stop by often!

Christine Quigless, founder, grâce à toi dress